WeShare is working with Project Cupcake to donate free PPE to everyone in need

Project Cupcake was established as a 501C3 with the goal to get Personal Protection Equipment to front line medical staff and essential workers during this CoVid 19 pandemic. We are collecting donations to purchase PPE, and working with factories to help supply unprotected, essential workers and medical staff at under-resourced hospitals, community medical centers, senior centers and nursing homes and other front-line essential workers with Covid19 test kits, N95 mask & surgical masks.
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Our Community Team will reach out through email about donation updates and how we can connect your business (gift cards, websites, social media) directly with families in your community.

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We want to help healthcare workers & local businesses through COVID-19

Whether it's obtaining masks & sanitary items or promoting your take-out business to families in your community, our Community Team is here to get you free support.
If you need help or can provide help, please get in touch with us through our COVID Support form. For questions, reach out to us at:

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