Private Gifting Communities

Give & receive everything from clothing and furniture to houseplants and art for free with your local communities & businesses—all from your phone!

*COVID support for healthcare workers & local businesses through COVID-19.

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Our top priority is to ensure frontline workers have the resources and supplies (masks, sanitary items, etc.) they need during this outbreak. Our goal is to help connect those who can give support with those who need it.
If you need help or can provide help, please get in touch with us through our COVID Support form. For questions, reach out to us at:

We have a lot of stuff we don't use...


worth of items sit unused in the average American household


of households plan to donate their unused items


of Americans consider giving unused items as a form of recycling

...that others can!

Clear your home & mind

Declutter your life by getting rid of items you no longer need and then pass the kindness forward by sharing with your neighbors.

Save money

Clothes become too small and kids outgrow toys too quickly. Instead of spending money on new items, get what you want while saving it for better things (like a college fund or a trip to Australia).

Contribute to a sustainable world

Know that your gift is going to a good place and not going to waste.

WeShare builds online communities to exchange free goods — all from your phone

Give because it feels good.

Join communities you know & trust

  • Private gifting communities
    Whether it's other parents at your kids' school or your co-workers, you're in good company with humans who have your back and generously give to you.
  • Welcoming Hosts
    Meet our Hosts on WeShare who make sure your communities are fun & safe for everyone — or bring WeShare to a community you want by becoming one.
  • Magical stories
    Enjoying viewing the photos of people's items and exchanges while also reading & watching the magic taking place between your friends and family.

Give what you can & ask for what you need

Discover free toys, books, and clothes as well as heartwarming stories all around you — all from the comfort of your phone.
  • Post gifts or ask for items you want easily using your phone in seconds, as effortlessly as taking a photo.
  • Can't find something you need? Just post a request to your community!
  • Get notified when new things are added.

Exchange gifts quickly & easily

Like something? Send a friendly message requesting the listing. Coordinate pick-ups and check availability & exchange progress securely & immediately from within the app.

Join the movement

Whether you’re a local business or a school trying to get to know your neighborhood more, or a parent or teacher trying to give things away, we'd love to hear from you.

We’re growing one community at a time. Don’t miss out on what’s happening in yours and start gifting today.